About Vetiva Online

Vetiva Online is a trading, research and lifestyle platform for existing and new clients. Through our digital eco-system, users get access to our daily research reports from our analysts. Information ranging from macroeconomic research, business news to sector analysis is available to keep you in the know and help you make informed investment decisions. Our trading gateway gives users direct market access to trade equities and treasury bills without middle man interference. The lifestyle section is home to Vetiva’s financial blog, where you can receive trading tips and financial advice.

Treasury Bills Calculator

Please note that the T-Bills Auction Forecast Rate (“the Forecast Rate”) merely represents analyst opinion on the likely rate for the next T-bills auction, which opinion may change at any time without notice to you. Vetiva makes no representation or warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy, dependability, reliability completeness or relevancy of the Forecast Rate. This notice is NOT a recommendation to invest, divest or otherwise take any investment decision. Neither Vetiva Capital Management Limited nor its affiliates, officers and employees (altogether “Vetiva”) warrant or represent that the Forecast Rate is fit for any purpose, including for the purpose of making any investment decision or taking any action whatsoever. Vetiva accepts no liability for any loss or disadvantage, howsoever arising, suffered as a result of reliance of any person on the Forecast Rate.